30 Jan 2011

Breakfast to Breakfast

After fueling up with the standard five piece breakfast in outside, felt ready for second Breakfast at Burbage West
Breakfast number 2
Steve Dennison - The first climber to be sponsored by Primark! they are expecting big things off Steve this year for their £2.50 and free fire retardant underwear
Hooded teenager Mick Radford
Mark climbing a neglected arete after cleaning it, great moves
Evie starting West Side Story (with crag-fast Mark in the background "help I'm stuck" again)
Yann getting very close on Western Eyes, not even phased by the bad landing!
Three days of grit took it's toll on Yann
Text book spotting! Mick's asleep and Chris is spotting the invisible man, classic
A display of technique?
An enjoyable cold and painful weekend, perfect, thanks everyone

1 comment:

  1. dude you must have spidey fingers to have held that long enough to get a picture.