21 Mar 2011

Bath full of Lichen

This weekend has been quite a revelation for me, especially after Mike Gray dispatched 'The Mighty Oak' without giving it a grade!? the ascent looked quite effortless, executed with a dyno, looking relaxed as if this sort of problem was second nature.
Regardless of this, the aim of the weekend was to develop the Clemmitts Crag boulders.......
However, on the way up Martin Parker texted to say he was heading down to Oak wall for a second ascent ....the perfect diversion. Martin Parker had already repeated 'The Mighty Oak' before we arrived and repeated it again, just to show us the move (cheers Martin) as for the grade? 7a+? 7b? 
Further south of  'Oak wall' Sam on the arete under the fused oak, Oak Crag
Sitting contemplating the hard moves under the fused Oak
The Sit start to the central line
Sam wandered off and fell down a hole!
Back to Oak wall - Martin on the Mighty Oak
It's not that bad!
You can do it?
After that we went to Camp Hill, Martin flashed Phileas Fogg from standing, he also found a great sequence to do the sit, felt pretty hard to me! Got close to getting 'Strict Arete' from sit! need to link it?!
Got the sit Strict Arete nearly did it! wired the stand, arrrrragh
Sam got his dyno thanks to Martin
The Fish Boulder (Camp Hill)
Then over to Clemmitts
After dark Bouldering at Clemmitt's
Bad Ass Mark taking on the 'Flake' in the dark
The Crux on 'Undercut'
Mark on the brilliant no-hands problem
Sam enjoying the left arete
Jake working his own problem
Moors Magic
This problem looked easy? maybe not.


  1. RAD. These problems are looking really good. Keep up the good work.

  2. jeezus - were you trying to laser the lichen off with your jumper!?
    Looks like some good stuff to go at, nice work.

  3. I've got a fluorescent fetish at the moment!? the top has a 1 million candle rating and glows in the dark, do you think bright yellow Ron Hills will finish the look?

  4. he's just showing off because he's in front in the tour de France