27 Mar 2011

Into Focus

Last weekend proved to be quite a landmark for me especially after over a year of scouring the Moors for the best it had to offer? everything seemed to come into focus after visiting Clemmitt's Crag and the boulders below, I now knew how to approach creating a bouldering guide to the North Yorkshire Moors and after Saturday's visit to Clemmitt's right-hand end of the crag it was proving to be a jewel of a place. This time joined by Mike, Jim then followed up behind by Aiden, Chris, Jo and last but not least, a very late Ram-Man who must have climbed into dark
Mike, James and Myself checked out the right-hand end
James Kitson on 'Smiling Arete' Font 6c+
Jim on the what we thought would be an easy warm up!
Attempting the mantel direct on the Shelf Block
Jim on one of the fine aretes
The 'Over and Under' Boulder
Ready to pop on 'Over' Font 6c+
Mike on 'Rusty Trombone' Font 6b+
Back down to the Lower Crag Boulders for some unfinished business
Off the Rails - Font 6c
Last but not least - Mike topped out on the ten move wonder 'Full Breakfast' grade to follow as the crux is at the top and the exit is tricky, it needs a better clean! very bold (sorry this photo does not do the problem justice, I put the camera down to spot!) Ram- Man video to follow soon......


  1. nice one, cheers to you guys for all the hard work cleaning! really enjoyed the left hand circuit. Look forward to checking out the right hand area next time. Will try and get video sorted tomorrow night.