12 Jun 2011

East Coast Bouldering

Felt like a coastal visit this week, too many hungry little invertebrates have feasted on my flesh, plus the sea air might do the injured knee some good? looks like I will be taking a month off any serious climbing, might have to get it checked out next week, could do with a getting finger board, while not at the wall to get me strong enough to climb some of the hard projects.
 Cloughton Wyke Used by smugglers in years gone by, had a look in a few holes for wooden crates, no luck
A menacing roof, checked this out before when it was wet, cleaned up ok, sometimes blocks do fall the right way! this is one of them, plenty of holds all stable, even has a sit start, moving after this for me was brick hard the line looks like it will climb well, adding another hard project close to the one at Creek Point will be going back when the knee is better to do some spicier problems, Jame's might put a video together, watch this space........
James on one of the quarried blocks, the sit to this was tricky
One of the higher partially tidal blocks
The Video from James, even a rare appearance from me!
chucking my bad leg up on a mantle.

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