2 Jun 2011

The Moors Crusades

The main focus of the last two weeks off work has been to finish a few projects and develop an area that has only about 17 problems documented. Probably as the walk in is around forty minutes. (trying to find an easier walk in via a farm track?) The venue is stunning and some of the blocks and lines are classic, the wooded area is quite a maze of quarried madness, so be careful, yet still it holds some quality lines and projects, more seem to appear every visit?  The problems now are well worth the visit and some of the projects look quite world class? two are highball aretes, another two the landings are safe yet the grade maybe in the upper 8's one is a prow and the other a perfect cut arete. The other two lines are on a vertical highball wall with a good landing. anyway got some good stuff done and as soon as the aches and strains are forgotten will be back.
James on Dick Ritchie 7a+***
Clarence Worley 6b+***
One to go back for, amazing lip, forgot to give it a haircut
Absolutely wasted 

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