4 Jun 2011

The Sandstone Liberation Front

Clemmitt's today, to quench a disorder, OCD (Obsessive Cleaning Disorder) got in a good fix, we opened quite a few lines up, cleaned three new blocks up and we got all the straight up lines on the Iron Bar, giving it nine good problems, still need to clean the top a bit more, problem ten the top lip traverse?
 Iron Bru 7a***Tackles the SS to the Iron Bar then finishes direct
James on a new block - Wedge Antilles 6c**
James repeating Franco's excellent new traverse on the Ground Force Block (The block needs even more cleaning) Two new lines done today, bringing it to five
On the way out got the microscope out on Hero's Wall, four projects looked possible! cleaned and chalked the holds then started building the landing up a bit, top needs a clean via a rope, then thought why are we doing this? we have no chance? Back on the moor tomorrow, why not

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