21 Jun 2011

Another Meet

It's been a productive year on the moor up to now, loads of new problems, new venues are getting developed, Interest and effort has inspired me to have a second meet this year, I have been keeping a venue close to my chest lately, but after the last meet, thought it would be a good idea to hold a meet at this venue, for me it's one of the best on the moors, totally stunning, every time I go something catches my eye and with a bit of TLC it will be a premier venue for the UK, holding some future classic test pieces, it already has 70+ problems up to 7c+ and rising, with projects on blocks that are not typical of the moors. The meet will be held at the end of August/September, so please contact me if you are interested? lee@betaguides.com
The wet Ravenswick meet
Visualizing the project on the 'Wolf' at the Clemmitt's meet
Sublime arete at the next meet, Quite a prize if it gets done from sit?
I will be having a go on the left side of this arete, probably on a rope first.
Here are some links to previous visits of the meet venue: link 1 link 2 link 3

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