19 Sep 2011

The Parting of the Clouds

Three days off and a bad forecast wouldn't put me off getting to the Moors, Friday saw a visit to the woods to check out some of the blocks Jason tipped me off about, before entering the woods we had a dabble on the not so good looking block we named 'The Slug', even before we had climbed on it, It turned out to have a couple of cracking lines on the lower end. After that had a mad march through the woods blair witch style, madness but brilliant, some good blocks. 
Day two: was quite tiring! more marching, climbing, cleaning, yet again the Moors gave some great test piece problems,  even more than I had anticipated.
Day Three: The Moors can have what you could call "The Moses effect" splitting weather fronts leaving a nice bit of blue sky to climb under, So left one wet crag and moved to a dry one?! one hours worth of rain in three days, surrounded by rain clouds?
The Slugs Head 6c - Sloping side pulls
Chris on a good problem on the side of the Slug
Sleepy Hollow 7b+ brilliant
Steve on a perfect slab
Short but involving prow
Mike on Prisoner of War 7c+
I wish I was taller or there were some holds!

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