4 Sep 2011

A social get together

Needed some more 'money shots' for the upcoming Anston Stones guide, so between us we organised a little get together with a few friends and friends of Mike's.
On the day the sun gods shined down on us and it ended up a friendly relaxing session, Er!  except for the wasp attack on Debbie and the kids! bet the stings are tingling today? Our attentions were mostly in the Wave area and together quite a few classic were repeated, with a little diversion to Woody's Rock, as Ned had his sights on Vanilla Sky.
cheers everyone, for coming, I got plenty of great shots.
Plans for the Moors today have been aborted due to bad weather, what a shame! had my eye on something......
Warming up
Endless possibilities on superb rock
Ebola Buttress
Wave Wall
Vanilla Sky 8a+/8b

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