12 Oct 2011

The Meet Revealed

Think it's time to reveal the location for this weekends meet, It's in beautiful dale lost in time, the venue is Kay Nest one of the Moors most peaceful and scenic locations, with some fine sandstone for everyone to enjoy, a place you could easily fall in love with.
Access: Use the map shown below: two routes are possible the second is flatter but longer?
1. head Right at Hill End Farm farm and make your way round the hill, then the path slopes down and crosses the stream, plough your way back up the opposite hill and head north to the Crag
2.  Head Left at the base of the hill with small boulders on it, then follow the path to a track on the top of Nab Ridge, follow this for a long while until you can head right down into Tripsdale, the crag is back up the other side to the right

Saturday and Sunday the 15th - 16th of October

Hope to see you there, I will be revealing a couple of other venues on the day?
Overview Map of the Boulders and Crag
Print this for the routes in

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