16 Oct 2011

The Spirit of the Moors draws everyone back

After an entertaining headlamp darkness walk in to Kay Nest ready for the Meet, the bright moon and clear starlit skies seemed well deserved. The night was cold but as soon the sun came over the moor we warmed up like lizards on some of the boulders, once fully charged, it was time to enjoy the most stunning dale in the Moors, by the time we were warm nearly everyone had turned up for the meet.
James on a new pinch problem
A brilliant low Arete 
Riverview pocket problem, soon after Sam got the right arete, quite impressive
Warming up on the mighty Ship Stone
Mike on the Canon
The ascent of the Canon, A value for money 8a involving clamping and wrestling
The Hull block, quite a slab
Ready to Rock-over deep into the wood
Forget going static
Lisa would not approve? needed to have a go, yeah scary!
Day two - back to The Duck boulders

Tony gets the arete
A hard variation on a block we missed last time?
Yet more Duck stuff
I'm Knackered! that's it - what a weekend
cheers everyone for coming

1 comment:

  1. Good stuff Lee. Gotta be something hard and blank to go at on the Hull Slab?

    Think that high arete would deserve E-points!