21 May 2012

Four Visit Rule

A double hit today, firstly to a new crag with blocks, It was a bit damp so did a little cleaning, then moved onto Cook's Crag. This was my fourth visit to Cook's and things seem to come into focus after four of more visits to a venue, I've got my head round what's there now. 
Cook's Crag was opened to the elements about a year ago by the forestry commission (I never did it, honest), so the condition of the rock is better and it's a lot less green. The perfect time to work out what the big boulder below the crag has to offer.

If you fancy a day here combine Cook's crag with all the little quarries nearby and you have a full days climbing, It's great place to be introduced to bouldering with a good selection of 6's you can tick off as you progress. Click here for Climb Online PDF 

Nimrod, Old school E2 6a Slopers, Crimps, Undercuts
Mark on Submariner, probably 6a+ now? the friction was amazing now it's dry and out the woods.
James on Marrs Attacks 7a, a worthy eliminate and the hardest problem on the crag. 

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