28 May 2012

Coastal Birthday Bash

Well I think its time for a coastal meet, somewhere away from the midges, also it's my birthday soon, so a good excuse for a full weekends climbing, Ice cream, Fish and chips, bouldering, swimming, bring your speedo's.
The date for the meet is the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of June. The venue for the Saturday is Boulby.
 A vast coastal venue just past Whitby, all are welcome as long as you contribute to the betaguides approach shoe charity box as mine have finally given up and gone to converse heaven.

Day two, if the weather holds, might be at a new wooded venue with some hard projects on glacial blocks, that have never been tickled by the hand of a modern day bouldering fanatic, until now.
 Boulby Blocks, so many! 
 Sunrise on the coast, Photo Jason Wood
 R.I.P, maybe one more trip? 
Steam Trains, Trout fishing, Woodpeckers, wild flowers, wooded valley bouldering on glacial blocks, on some of the best rock in the moors.

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