5 May 2012

The Pursuit of Happiness

Quite a lot on at the moment, The Moors guide is all-absorbing, maps, photos, topos. I am happy with the content that will be included in the guide, but at the same time realise the area has even more to offer. It keeps pulling me back to what I love best, exploring. So some areas can be put in the second guide. Also I have decided to invest into the Betaguides website, merging the database with the blog and adding a shop to sell guides that are available to the relative areas. I must be mad to put the effort into doing this, but I think if one person gets as much out of exploring as I have, or gets out climbing to some of the locations and experience some of the problems or venues a guidebook has to offer then it will all be worth it.
Heaven is living at the venue, with the sausages cooking
Steve on his project
More good blocks to clean (looked worth it)
A good place to camp
Perfect little hold
A resident robin with a built in instinct to know that human disturbance or appearance will be a source of food.

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