21 Sep 2009

Crafnant Circuit and Projects

During a long overdue return visit to the jumble of boulders in the tranquil Crafnant valley, we were determined to hunt out a good set of problems and were not disappointed. After a two hour jaunt around the dense cluster, it was clear there were lots of problems and projects all around -  so the almighty curcuit began. This included a clutch of the brilliant problems added previously by: Chris Doyle: Break Away SS; Wonderwall Danny Cattell: Grasswind, Mark Katz: Cruella and Sam Cattell: Filthy Hunks; Wonderwall Arete.

                              Candyfloss Sheep SS

Starting in the middle at the bottom of the field, we made our way leftwards ticking off many problems from F5c to 7a. The highlights: Initial warm-ups were taken on the Pyramid block at the bottom left of the field, which I refer to as the Triangular Elephant -right arete from sit is Chocolate Elephant ss 6b. On the left arete including the left block for feet is Elephant Fondue ss 6a. Located on the back of the block to the left of this on a clean sloping face bearing side rails containing the problem (but no use of side walls or the other close blocks) Candyfloss Sheep ss 7a.  Further up the hill on the right-hand side of the Breakaway block is the most photogenic problem of the valley Digital Distruction 6a, which can be extended with a possible but painful quartz-pulling sit start project. Moving over to the right side of the field are a few easier problems, plus an imposing blank block at a 15 degree angle. This has a nice left-hand arete and a very satisfying problem with a reachy standing start, ultimately finishing left on a large spike Reach For The Stars 6c+. The direct finish is is a slopey mantle-climbers dream! ?8a+
All in all around 20 problems were done on the day - knackering hardcore Welsh bouldering.

Some of the problems need 3 mats and at least two good spotters  - well worth the effort though!

If you have already done the problems described or want more info contact: lee@betaguides.com

                                 Digital Destruction

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