21 Sep 2009

Welcome to Betaguides

Welcome to the Betaguides news feed. This is a blog to accompany the new Betaguides online comprehensive bouldering guide. Our aim is to get people out there to venues all over the UK and Ireland, including those obscure places you never knew existed. 

We also aim to use a more inclusive approach to bouldering guides.
Guides to venues will include extensive routes and descriptions, accurate mapping and photo topos to locate the problems (we all know how tricky this can sometimes be!), plus circuits suited to all abilities.

The Betaguides team consist of a mixed bag of individuals based in various locations around the areas to be covered. We are in possession of a wealth of bouldering experience at all grades and are keen to pass on the information gained.

The guides are PDF-based and will be available for download at a small fee. Some info will be freely-available.

As the guides will be online, they can be constantly edited and updated to keep them fresh, so we would welcome any feedback.

If you have produced a guide and wish to get it to a wider audience via the Betaguides format, please contact us by email.

England and Wales: lee@betaguides.com
Scotland and Ireland:stonecountrypress@btinternet.com

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