28 Sep 2009

The Red Planet

Referring to the red sandstone on the Applecross peninsula, Scotland, (one of my favouritre UK bouldering destinations). There's so much to go at it's like being locked in Harrods at Christmas! The rock is a very smooth red sandstone, the climbing is varied and there is something for all abilities; but most of all the scenery is breathtaking.

Applecross O/S map sample, the dots are boulders
Key areas are the Russell Burn boulders, Kishorn shoreline boulders, both sides of the Belach, Meall Gorm and Sgurr a Chaorachain.

Enjoying Sgurr a Chaorachain
Walking here feels like you are on another planet, passing by layers of terraces, weird shapes, colours and patterns on the red sandstone, you could be on Mars! In this landscape are two impressive boulders in Coire a Chaorachain, that I have only viewed with binoculars! On the other side of Applecross is the MOD cave with the Brae boulders nearby, on which are problems developed by Nic Ward. He has also found new problems near Culduie and Shieldaig. For a sample of these and accompanying map see below:

Nic's follow-through Culduie Applecross
Nic Ward (Pre Head Shear)

Alistair McGregor on Egypt Himself 7a+

Culduie Map
For further info and problems see the Stone Country Guide, Bouldering in Scotland (Watson 2008)

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