28 Nov 2010

Minus 18 in Wales!

The big freeze has hit, but everyone was still up for a day at Stanage? - Destination Plantation 
After two aborted attempts on different roads into Stanage, involving - wheel spinning, everybody out pushing the car, crashing into the edges! the car felt like a hockey puck.
We ended up walking in from Burbage! Got there in the end..............
James enjoying the perfect - Crescent Arete Font 5+***
Found Rob and Lee (never give up) Cooper on Zippy's Traverse Font 7b
From then in it was just a free for all on some classic grit - in mint condition
Deliverance Traverse Font 7a+***
Mark (High-ball) Wilson on Pebble Arete Font 5+***
Silk Start Font 7a+
Oaksi has landed - Help the Aged Font 7a*
 As we left Nigel and Andy were working Careless Torque Font 8a***
Sneaky Peek
A fully committed attempt - so close -
still don't know whether they did it?

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