14 Nov 2010

A Return to the Grit

After 11 months exploring the Moors the weather dictated it was time to hit the grit. Conditions were perfect! And lucky enough for me, I had arranged to meet Steve and Selina to talk about an App for the I phone. Meeting up for breakfast in outside, then over to Gardoms to meet up with a motley crew, Alex and the Bangor Uni crowd, Ram-Man, Oaksi and not forgetting Guy Van Foxy Hat.
Oaksi Stealth climbing on G- Thang font 6b+ ***
Guy the 'Fox' on Wardrobe Ridge font 6c*
The Money Shot
Ram - Man's ascent of Suavto font 7b+**
Selina on a new worthy Gardoms problem? SS Lost Boy 6c*
 After working out a way of doing the crux static!
Left of Business as Usual (needed a good clean)
Steve enjoying Business as Usual before the top out!!!!!! E5 7a

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