3 Jan 2011

Boulder yourself fit for the new year

With the usual festive celebrations over it was time to 'boulder back into shape'. You could buy a celebrity video or some kind of fitness ball, dumbell set, cycle machine! but who ever keeps that up? 
so - get out - find some rock and boulder yourself the perfect body - the longer the walk in - the more calories you burn - you will soon end up looking 'bang tidy'
The first  'boulder back into shape' class was held in the Peak, the session started at 10am at Baslow and Curbar
Chris working his arms and abbs at Baslow
Lee Cooper about to hurt his glutimus on Dan's wall 7a
Al the Bear working his Lats
Steve Golley finishing the Curbar workout
on Early Doors 7a+
As for me? found an unclaimed/new problem? at Baslow on the right wall next to Balls Test. Worked out the moves from sit but ran out of juice. Steve Golley got the standing start as the light fell and nearly got the sit, precise moves on a rising crack with slopers, crimp a powerful crossover with the right arm, a full body workout 
Truffle Pig 6c+/7a?

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