9 Jan 2011

Down in the Woods

A dry day at last! the weather turned the world a shade of grey last week so it was good to see the sun bring some colour back, Guy wanted to go to Curbar Left, I was keen to look at Froggatt in the woods
Froggatt waterfall prow on the left and a sloping rail in need of some more dry weather on the right
Guy's Sunset Slab tradition -  must do if passing
Green boulders in Froggatt woods kept me happy
Mark (Cartman Wilson) on Tody's playground
The finish to the sit start on the left end on Tody's playground

Cartman says "What are you looking at?"
V1 with a very long reach!! right?
Guy on White Noise - not bad considering he had man flu?
Leave me I'm dying 
Some great photos from Chris - will be back to work out the maze of problems being developed

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