17 Jan 2011

Wet Woods and Big Boulders

Headed to the Moors hoping for better weather and a chance to finish the circuit at Camp Hill
no luck! Met up with Sam and decided to do a bit of exploring at Clemitt's Crag?
Did the usual full sweep of the crag and surrounding boulders. The area looked very promising for a drier return visit..... it held some good hard sandstone, some needing a good clean others not so bad, with plenty of angles from steep to slabs, looking forward to developing the wooded circuit, it will be a nice venue that's quite a short walk in, well for me anyway
A big block with a steep problem! needs a haircut, so does Sam
More big blocks! through the gate 200m were some smaller blocks (phone photo)

Good looking rock over onto the slab (phone photo)
Sam passing the long arete he has his eye on
Perfect undercut  (phone photo)
sandstone geometry 

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