2 May 2011

The Meet

Really enjoyed the meet, perfect weather for that kind of thing, It's the most people I've ever seen on the Moors, loads got done some great lines have been put up by everyone. Friday Mark and I spent the day searching Glaisdale for any big glacial left overs?
The rest of the weekend centered around Clemmitt's, as their is so much to do. Just a taster of what got done, I will add the details later if I get time! thanks to all of you that came, will be organizing another Meet for sure, another venue next time.........
Sam on Sam's Slab
Oaksi breeching the roof
Sam on the right hand of Full Breakfast 7b+
James and Dave on the Raven
Mark Nab
Oaksi on The Raven
Martin showing the way on the Lip 7b+
Baz on a Project on the Undercut boulder
One more bit of last minute gardening before leaving

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