16 Jul 2011

Before the rains came and a Coastal video

Firstly James has made another quality video of the rapidly developing North East coastal venue Cloughton Wyke Check out my calf rock-over, possibly a new technique?! some great problems coming together now, the circuits coming on nicely, possibly a full topo after the next visit.
Then onto the massive wet front heading our way, Oh bugger, decided to have a flash friday afternoon visit and stay up there over night then head to the coast in the morning, just in case the coast escaped the front? It never, luckly enough friday was dry and climbed plenty at Clemmitt's Out, developing the circuit, sand bagging and grade debating with Dooge and Franco. Also test drove the New Tenaya Shoes, worked like a dream, stuck everything with confidence, even got some previous projects done!
Motivating Dooge for the team ascent of what became Paparazzi Arete 7a+** from crouch, efforts were had on the sit but it never got linked, 7b*** when it goes....
 Come on Dooge
 First to the post Franco

A close second and a text book moors top out
Smashing a previous arete project on the Hidden wall, 7a in my book, short but hard.

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