22 Jul 2011

Drink Problem

Had to say goodbye to 'Herbie' this week, we have been together for a while but her drink problem has got to much for me! £72 to fill up and 30 to the gallon. It's crazy, trips are starting to cost too much, anyway found a nice trim little super-mini with a pokey 1.5 turbo diesel engine 70mp, that's me back in love again, just in time for a week in Ireland, Checking out all the tantalizing blocks in Dave Flanagan's guide
Training has been going well, knee seems fine! It helps getting out on real rock mid week, The Magnesium Limestone has got me pretty psyched, especially getting the project at the Earth Quarry
 Earth Quarry - Raw Edge Days Videos
back in the car for more exploration exploration................
Tony on a New Project - Some where out there, deep in the magnesian Limestone Jungle, watch this space - time to get the garden tools out again
100% not good enough - next time

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