31 Jul 2011

Boulders Under Armed Guard- Part 1

320 miles and a 6km march up Lugnaguilla to the boulders under the North Prison, 19 hours after setting off from Hull, Reward was in sight, It was 9 o'clock and the sun was about to set as the golden blocks of granite appeared to my delight, I really didn't know what would be there?  having tried many times to get into this illusive cluster and failed! for a few reasons, Firstly as its under armed guard on a artillery range and secondly the mist and cloud cover keep it's contents secret the rest of the time. I had half an hour to take it all in before darkness swallowed it all up again......
On the next attempt I was joined by Dave Flanagan, also keen to check out the blocks, The Red flags were up! (forgot to check!) still keen to sneak around the back we approached the guard, and asked "if we could go up?" he radioed through the answer was quite blunt "Under no circumstances does anyone pass" I asked "could we sneak over the back?" the guard said "I cannot stop you lads, but we have a lookout and if he spots you, you'll be coming straight back down again" I wondered if it was worth taking a bullet for a chance to climb on some virgin granite?
The Heather topped 'Warden Boulder' 
Sunset on the sliced granite
Time for one problem Red Flag SS 6c excellent
The North Prisons Security Blanket


  1. A bullet? Wouldn't it be a shell or mortar!?

  2. They let everything loose on the range, shells, mortar, bombs, might not be much left if you was on there on the wrong day and never got spotted! not a good Idea having a target on the mat! boom and all's left is some climbing shoes