4 Jul 2011

Time to Chill

Lindos - Rhodes - Due to work being slack got in an early annual sunshine holiday, it's a place of ancient crusades, culture and the now not so busy Falaraki. Lindos has everything for a good holiday,  firstly plenty of rock, history, culture, friendly people, good food, once the centre of the trade on a global level, quite a prize in its time, knights from all over the world flocked to fight to keep control as it's significance was not far from the level that Jerusalem was. 
Checked out a lot of rock while I was there, some of it volcanic, which climbed well, some calcified limestone very pocketed and eroded other blocks were quite solid. Most of the rock needed a mat and some of the pockets looked like they could be home to some dangerous invertebrates! the blocks on the hill on the way down to the square will hold a good circuit, not sure the goat farmer and the resident donkeys would approve?
The best find of the week was on palace beach, a cave on the right hand end, it held two quality lines starting right at the back of the cave both 7a with lots of variations to be done, perfect holiday training on a low roof without the need for a mat, a very perfect holiday
St Pauls bay Lindos
The Acropolis Lindos
Canon balls Rhodes old town
A good cave on the coast
Palace beach cave Lindos - Sunburnt Knight 7a*** 

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