3 Aug 2011

Diverted to Glenmalure

The day before meeting up with Dave should have been a rest day? Talked Lisa into a nice little day out on the coast... Ice cream, Fish & Chips and a quick run down to some caves, Mmmm why not? ended up fighting with two problems for two hours and only managed one? just as the tide was tickling the edge of the mat and Lisa and Jo's heads popped over the cliff edge, Time for an Ice Cream and a bit of crab fishing, great fun, all you need is some meat a bit of string and a bucket, then throw it in the water, minutes later pull in the greedy little crabs clinging to the meat, too small to eat, Shame. 
Time for Ice Cream 7a
Look Mum I've got Crabs
Sorry for not giving away the venue but it's under development, looks like a future premier venue to me, cool caves by the sea in this summer heat and no midges.

Anyway on to Glenmalure, Dave took me to the Ballinafushogue Boulder to warm up, ended up more like overheating! so moved on quickly to check out some roof blocks on the higher terraces. this ended up to be quite fruitful, the roofs were pretty perfect, got a few quality lines done, with still more to go back for, Glenmalure is a pure gem, bouldering high on hillside terraces will immaculate views and a cool breeze.
Ballinafushogue Boulder, soon after this dove head first into the stream (Pic Dave Flanagan)
A perfect roof 
Also hidden away from site, a future classic? starts way down, worked some of the moves, wow!

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