4 Aug 2011

Lisa and Jo Highballing!

Back to Ireland  -Managed to get a day of bouldering in with Lisa (and Jo) Ended up at Glendasan, it's close to the road with a wide range of grades and projects on both sides of the road, we opted for the south side, aiming for the starting block, except? Lisa thought I had put her shoe bag in the car! Oops
time to go back! this gave me a chance to dart up the hill and have a scout, a hundred metres or so later eureka! a brilliant low rising traverse, 5m of heel hooking bliss
 Perfect Opening Line 6c***
When the girls got back it was straight to business, they both blasted around the block trying every line they could find, Jo found a tricky traverse and soon became a proper boulderer, giving out some classic grunts and a bit or swearing. 
Lisa Highballing on the Starting Block
Jo cruising the arete
Lisa on Jo's traverse
A new line Sideways Down 6b+**
Finished on St Kevins Slab 6a+ - A must do slab

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