15 Aug 2011

Jam Power (Dawid's Special Flavours)

After the last visit to Anston Stones Wood. I got to thinking, what's Dawid's secret to flashing mighty hard problems? Could it be hard training? Diet? during the day, every so often he would delve into his bag and out of it would appear a large crusty bread bun with bright red fluid oozing out of the sides? "what's that I asked?"  "Jam Sandwiches" Dawid replied, but these were no ordinary jam sandwiches, because every time I asked "what flavour jam is that" It would be a new and extraordinary flavour. 
Think I'll give that a go (Forgot to add Cinnamon coffee, also very nice)
Flash Power Jams
O.J.D The effects of Obsessive Jam Disorder
Revolver 8a+ No flash - On a sugar low?
Dawid's video edit of some classics, It also captures the full charm of the Anston Stone Woods.

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