6 Aug 2011

The Boulder Factory

Time for another overnight session with Mark, we had high hopes as we approached Clay bank, the clouds were leaving and the skies cleared. Time to scope the boulders along hasty bank? They were all looking rather green and the rain that had passed earlier had left no time to dry them out (think they will need a good dry spell) adding to that the midges were out in masses, unlike anything we had experienced in the moors before! Still managed to find a dry face and got a couple of problems done, paid for this later when the bites started to swell
Eaten Alive 6b+ maybe wrong? it's hard to grade with a thousand midges feasting on you.
The next morning woke to a perfect sunrise, time to bask in the sun somewhere high up in the breeze.
Roseberry Topping, the perfect place, Toppled boulders caused by mining the hill, opening the rock to constant erosion ever since, producing new blocks upon every collapse,  Roseberry's a bit of an unpredictable boulder factory spitting out blocks, causing sadness to the trad-climbers and an hope for the boulderer that the block is a good one and has fallen the right way?
Most of the rock was sound, better than expected, with a few projects to go back for.
Sunrise over Roseberry
A Roseberry Classic 6b+
A resident charging his batteries in the sun
Steven Phelps turned up and we got a lot of good problems done, while
Mark blasted through loads of problems and then ran out of juice and fell asleep on his mat
Steve on anther good problem
Banged my shin a project! now I've got two knees,
look at the state of my legs
Mark attempting 'The Shelf'
This looked mint but hard, had a little go as we left.

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