29 Jan 2012

Bad Day Turned Good

A difficult weekend to get some problems done, damp sandstone is a definite no go zone. so dropping onto the Jurassic plateau just as the black cloud of doom passed over, ruined all the good work the morning sun had done, this put an even damper mood on everyone. Mike swiftly executed a back up plan and went to the Duck boulders, bagging a 7c, It's always a good idea to have a back up plan or two or maybe even five? beats sitting in a cafe sulking, It's like having a game of poker with mother nature, A challenge to find good rock in the middle of a bad forecast, to come out triumphantly climbing at the same time forgetting the earlier stress, against all the odds adding to the buzz of the days ascents.
Big thanks to Jason and Scott Wood this was one of those days, cheers
Scott on a Classic 
Sorts the head out
Steve on one of Scott's problems
Two really good problems 

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