8 Jan 2012

Jurassic Blocs

It was so good to get back on the Moor today, well coast actually, the first time this year, I was nearly ready to explode, I have walked so much and seen so many blocks the lust to return to some venues blazes inside me, this was one of those places, We have named this place Jurassic Park, due to it being a isolated plateau with a rope drop into a lost world, with deer tracks and weird things nailed to trees, like spoons, brooches and old digital watches? sorry for not giving away the location, I just want to bivi there first and watch the sunrise then climb a bit more, selfish maybe? but you only live once.
James on a good highball 
Steve shows the way on the double mono finish, the landing was terrible!
Not good place to fall, should have put my armbands on

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