2 Jan 2012

Another Christmas and as usual my pants are tight at the waist

I stuffed myself senseless over Christmas on Lanzarote, time to chill, still managed to look at some nice volcanic rock and also visited the perfect home for any boulderer, it looks like something out of a 'Bond film' built on top and underneath of a lava flow and was designed by Cesar Manrique, incredible bloke, that left an amazing legacy both culturally and ecoligically. Check out these pics (Click here to view google image link) 

Also got the first touch of rock for 2012, The conditions were unbelievable, Mike had gathered a group for a very social get together, The best way to kick off the new year, I felt like a Yorkshire Pudding but still had a good day.
First some classic Roche Abbey problems
Onto a crag in development 
Owen trying to fuel up
Making a day of it

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