15 Jan 2012

Magic Wood

This has been one incredible weekend, I only hope everyone else has made the most of the conditions. After a long anticipated return visit to a couple of venues, I was again blown away, some of the problems we cleaned were in mint condition, yet climbing them was very typical of the Moors, hard to work out and even harder to climb, some very hard training is needed this year, which I am very prepared to do (cue a rocky montage) 

Saturday saw nine new problems done on the coast, with various projects started, I feel now the east coast has enough bouldering to be a worthy holiday destination, something for everyone, with lots of projects.

 Also today I got my head around the 'Magic Wood', with the bonus that Steven Phelps took me to some new blocks and gave me one of the best lines I have ever done in the Moors on a 6 metre high block, thanks Steve.
Just the standing start
Broken tree, with it's own fix, like a calcification on a broken bone.
Roots like flowing lava. Trees are the lungs of the earth and their will to live is even stronger

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