9 May 2011

Quick Hit

A quick hit in between showers gave some entertaining climbing on saturday, Joined by James, I was keen for a second look at small little venue that Sam is developing, The rock mostly sound and will hold a good 20+ quality lines, when fully developed and possible 50 short stocking fillers, some good 6's were done as well as a 'cracking slab' that held three classic 5's, Jame's worked some new lines on the slot block, while base camp for me was the prow, which took quite a bit to work out how to get to the top then move off the slopers to top out left? Will be up all next weekend if anyone is about?
Sam looking at the 'Slot'
Slab and Prow
Base camp for me - the Iron Prow
Iron Man 6c+***
Finally worked a sequence out and it fell at about 6c+ from sit, this ended up using a block for feet next to the prow, It can be done from sit feet on the prow- This made it a lot harder to catch the first crimp and to hold the sloper! 7b maybe?
The Slot 6b**


  1. Amazing shots at night
    keep in touch Lee
    You are always welcome in Danby
    Camping barn and cabin available
    camp fire site too
    reply to
    not to this computer address which is a friends

  2. great pictures
    Interesting seeing Roseberry from a different angle
    Keep safe and enjoy your self