30 May 2011

A Full Circuit

Decided to put a topo online for Clemmitt's. It's getting a bit high in bracken and the midges are hungry, looking at getting it finished within a couple of weeks. A few more problems to do and that's me I think?
If anyone goes, please leave the lip traverse alone on Jake's Wall (we have just liberated it and worked the moves, thanks) May also try a line also on what has been called Hero's Wall at the top left-hand of the woods (A bad landing on a steep short roof with no real obvious weakness) any line will do?
After typing up the problems, including projects the circuit weighs in at a mighty 80+ that's just in the woods, so all three should end up maybe 150+, not at all bad considering the quality of the lines done. not sure of the price? maybe a £1, what do you think? under 1p a problem not bad?
Franco close on the project on the Wolf
Oaksi on Fried Bread, extends onto the arete on Fryup Wall

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